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MCC—a trusted partner in the clinical trials industry—identifies what to measure and how to assess the critical components of what is changing and how the industry is responding to address the changes to make improvements. MCC continually brings you new insights into the leading trends within the industry.


Help Us Improve and Enhance our eCOA Metrics by Taking our Survey
New Study Reveals Insights About Opportunities to Improve the Clinical Site Payment Process
MCC Vendor Oversight Metrics Updates ICH-E6 (R2) Review Progress Report White Paper
Data Management and Biostatistics Metrics White Paper and Webinar Now Available
Accenture Introduces New Analytics Capabilities in the Accenture Life Sciences Cloud for R&D: Collaborates with the Metrics Champion Consortium to develop the Clinical Operations Insights Platform for Improved Visibility into Clinical Trial Performance
DIA Session, “Risk-Based Monitoring: Convergence of Technology, Processes, and People,” MCC Presentation Now Available
Announcing New TMF Metric Toolkit that Improves Inspection Readiness
MCC MetricInsights Newsletter Launch
Help Industry Develop Standard Metrics for Site Payments-MCC Site Payments Process Industry Survey
MCC Article Urges Industry to Standardize Data Entry Metric Definition and Use Performance Data to Improve Data Entry Compliance
Performance Metrics: New eLearning Course Allows You to Go Beyond the Basics
Site Data Entry Cycle Time Definitions Vary and Actual Values Exceed Expectations Undermining Risk-based Study Quality Monitoring
MCC and Canadian Research Organization Alliance Group (N2) Announce Metric Education Collaboration
What are the best MCC Performance Metrics for assessing Vendor Performance?
MCC President Linda Sullivan shares insights related to ICH-GCP E6(R2) in Clinical Informatics News Article
Do You Quantify the Cost of Poor Quality at Your Organization?
MCC Special QM Webinar, “How Regulators are Supporting the Quality Management and Risk Based Procedures in ICH GCP E6 (R2)” featuring guest speaker Ann Meeker-O’Connell, Former FDA Director of the Division of GCP Compliance.
MCC Co-Founder & President Linda Sullivan Featured in Applied Clinical Trials’ New eBook on RBM
MCC Central Monitoring WG Meeting January 19 – Complete Questionnaire to Register (Members Only)
Announcing the MCC Ambassador Network Consultant Database
MCC eCOA Performance Metrics Set v1.0 Now Available
CluePoints Partners with Metrics Champion Consortium to Define Metrics and Standards for Centralized Monitoring
Clinical Trials Insight Article Reveals New Clinical KPI Survey Findings
Significant Growth—67% Increase Over Past Two Years—in the Use of RBM in Pivotal Clinical Trials
MCC Conducting Final Clinical Trial Performance Metric Reviews for Version 2.0
Majority of Pharmaceutical Companies Report Using Standardized Key Performance Indicator Metrics
MCC Unveils New Metrics eLearning Program Aimed to Improve Metric Knowledge of Sponsors, Service Providers and Investigators
MCC Launching Study Quality Trailblazer Group on October 14
Standardized Metrics for Better Risk Management
MCC Recruiting Consultants for Ambassador Network
MCC CAPA Process Performance Metrics Set v1.0 Now Available
MCC Announces Inaugural Class of MCC Champion Award Recipients
Metrics Champion Consortium (MCC) discusses Site Feasibility and Study Start-up Data and the MCC Risk Management Tool and Site KRIs
MCC Breakfast Events: Feasibility/Study Start-Up and Risk Management/KRI

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