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At Metrics Champion Consortium we believe it is essential that clinical trial industry professionals have solid foundational metric knowledge; and education is the key! We have developed industry-leading programs to help organizations and professionals, like you, gain expertise in the design, implementation and effective utilization of clinical trials performance metrics. MCC offers an expanding list of Metric courses constructed to build your proficiency in metric basics like: identifying which metrics best fit your organization’s unique needs, applying metrics for effective tracking, and successfully communicating metric results.

The thoughtfully developed education program can be tailored to custom fit you and your organization’s needs. You may take eLearning courses on-demand or take part in live workshops and webinars at your company*. These customizable delivery options make it easier than ever for you and your organization to stay current with the latest industry trends in performance metrics!

MCC Education Program Overview

  • MCC courses provide you with a foundational understanding of why organizations measure performance and strengthen your ability to effectively use performance metrics.
  • Role-based eLearning training scenarios allow you to customize your experience by giving you the option to view Data Management, Study Oversight, Site Monitoring, and Investigator/Site Coordinator examples of key concepts described in the courses.
  • Take one course, a series of courses, or complete all the courses and a Metric “Applied Knowledge” Independent Project to receive your MCC Metric Master Certification!

Why Use eLearning?

e-Learning on a laptop

  • MCC’s eLearning Program supports self-study, on-demand learning to accommodate your busy schedule.
  • The interactive style is engaging making it possible for you to quickly apply your newly acquired metric skills on the job.
  • Key concepts are presented followed by role-specific examples to help reinforce ideas.
  • Knowledge checks are integrated within the course content at strategic places to support your learning.
  • Our program caters to different learning styles – including voice narration along with detailed presentation notes.
  • MCC’s SCORM-compliant courses can be easily customized and deployed on your organization’s Learning Management System, if desired, making it easy to administer to your colleagues no matter their location.

Earn CE Credit or a MCC Metric Master Certificate

  • Take one course or take them all and earn ACRP or SOCRA CEs.
  • Complete all courses and an independent project to receive a MCC Metric Master Certificate.


MCC encourages you to take all three MCC Performance Metric eCourses and reinforce your learning experience by completing a MCC Metric Master Certification Independent Project. Upon successful completion of the eCourses and Independent Project, you will be awarded a MCC Metric Master Certificate and a MCC Metric Master logo for you to add to your email address box. You may add this unique certification to your Resume, CV and LinkedIn Profiles.


(includes eCourses 201, 202, 203 + Independent Project)

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Member: $1999 (with discount code*) Non Member: $2499

Courses must be completed within 1 year of purchase and the independent project must be completed within 18 months of purchase

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New eLearning Courses Coming in 2017

MCC eCourse 301 Risk Management: Identifying and Assessing Risks

MCC eCourse 302 Risk Management: Mitigating and Controlling Risks, and Managing Issues

MCC Member Discount Rates

MCC members receive a 20% discount rate on MCC eCourses. Visit the member portal or contact Lara Knitter to obtain the discount code for more information.

*Please contact Linda Sullivan to discuss customized eLearning programs and/or bringing the MCC to your organization for a live education program.

Course Details

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Length: 1-hour

MCC eCourse 201 provides you with an overview of basic metric concepts and insights on what makes for an effective performance metric. This innovative e-learning course:

  • explains concepts such as SMART metrics, metric types, normalizing metrics and the effects that metrics have on behavior,
  • applies the concepts in role-specific examples (data management, study management, site management and investigative site), and
  • reinforces learning through knowledge checks at the end of each chapter.

The concepts learned in this course can be applied to any metric system – enhancing your metrics so they answer performance questions and provide you with objective, effective supportive facts for making informed decisions.

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Prerequisites: eCourse 201
Length: 1-hour
Release date 4/2017

MCC eCourse 202 is designed for professionals interested in moving beyond the basic metric concepts discussed in MCC eCourse 201. This case study scenario will teach you how to use the MCC Metrics Development Framework and process maps to determine a set of high priority performance questions and metrics that answer the questions. Once finished with this course, you will be able to:

  • Utilize a process map to identify control points for metrics
  • Align the right metrics for each level or responsibility in your organization
  • Develop metrics using a structured approach that includes:
    • Outlining Critical Success Factors
    • Asking Key Performance Questions
    • Defining metrics that answer the Key Performance Questions

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Prerequisites: eCourse 201, 202 (recommended)
Length: 1-hour

MCC eCourse 203 teaches you a structured approach for selecting charts and graphs that effectively and clearly communicates your metrics results to your intended audience. This online, e-learning course provides an overview of the proper use of eight charts that can be graphed using Microsoft Excel [pie charts, column charts, bar charts, histographs, line graphs, box & whisker charts, scatter plots and bubble charts]. Specifically, you will be able to:

  • explain the strengths and weaknesses of each chart type,
  • select the right chart to display the metric results in order to answer the viewer’s key performance question, and
  • properly format charts to maximize impact.

Selecting the right chart and utilizing a set of straight-forward chart formatting techniques will enable you to create charts that are easily read and require minimal interpretation.

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Prerequisites: eCourse 201, 202, 203

Project Purpose and Scope
  • Demonstrate an understanding of MCC eCourses 201-203 concepts
  • Show your ability to apply course concepts to a real situation in your company
Project Requirements
  1. Select a performance metric-related issue to address – define the project purpose and scope statement.
  2. Review the project purpose and scope with your MCC advisor.
  3. Identify new and/or modify metrics to be tracked by your organization or department. Follow the MCC Metric Development Framework process described in MCC eCourses 202 and 203.
  4. Create metric reports for at least 3 of the metrics defined in Step 3.
  5. Develop Project Reflection Statement

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