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Evolution Summit Spring 2019 (Invitation only event)

The Evolution Summit is the premium forum bringing leading drug development executives and solution providers together. As an invitation-only event, taking place behind closed doors, the Summit offers an intimate environment for a focused discussion of key new drivers shaping drug development.

Date: February 24–26 2019
Location: The Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage, CA

Session Title: The A-Z of Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM): Strategies for the Future

Session Information: As the clinical trials industry continuously evolves, novel strategies must be implemented in an effort to operate efficiently and ultimately accelerate drugs to market. A more centralized, risk-based approach to site monitoring has presented itself as one viable method of reducing costs. Although RBM has been buzzing in the industry for quite some time, its adaptation has been slow. This presentation will shed light on:

  • Implementing a well-designed RBM strategy that enhances, whilst supporting, traditional monitoring approaches
  • Tools needed to execute the strategy
  • Overcoming challenges and the benefits to be realized

Session Participation: Linda B. Sullivan, Executive Director, Metrics Champion Consortium

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Rancho Mirage, CA

SCOPE – Summit for Clinical Ops Executives 2019

Date: Tuesday, February 19, 2019 (4:15–5:00 PM)

Interactive Breakout Discussions:
Vendor Performance Metrics and KPIs

  • How effective are your KPIs for measuring vendor performance and quality?
  • What is your strategy for establishing KPIs and metrics? Who are the stakeholders developing performance metrics?
  • What are the key areas that should be evaluated for vendor performance and quality?

Participation: Moderator – Linda B. Sullivan, Executive Director, Metrics Champion Consortium


Date: Wednesday, February 20, 2019 (8:55 AM)

Track: Mastering an Outsourcing Strategy

Panel Discussion: Ensuring Harmony between All Stakeholders – Sponsor, CRO, and Site – When Site Sourcing

Topics to be discussed: Working with stakeholders on setting appropriate site budgets, site contracting, site identification, selection of sites, and site oversight/ management

Moderator: Ly Kawaguchi, Senior Director, DBO-Outsourcing, Site Budgets, and Business Analytics, MyoKardia, Inc.

Panelists: Jennifer Trevor, Ph.D., Sr. Portfolio Sourcing Manager, Portfolio Sourcing and Relationship Management, Astellas Pharma
Carlos Orantes, CEO, Accel Research Sites
Linda Sullivan, CO-Founder & Executive Director, Metrics Champion Consortium

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Orlando, FL

ICH E6 GCP Interactive Workshop – How to Build A Sponsor Risk Management Program

Presented by FDAnews and Technical Resources International Inc.
Tuesday-Wednesday December 11-12, 2018 • Raleigh, NC

For clinical trials, it’s a new ball game. The ICH E6 (R2) guidelines now require trial sponsors to institute risk assessment at both the system and clinical trial levels; and require drug and biologics makers to qualify vendors.

Trial sponsors now must institute risk assessment at both the system and clinical-trial levels. Have you established your program yet? Is your maintenance program complete? If not, this hands-on, interactive workshop is just the ticket. Prepare to discover:

  • What the new guidelines require
  • How to establish your program step-by-step
  • Critical elements of starting your program: A walk-through
  • How to conduct risk assessment at both system and clinical-trial levels
  • Evaluating the risks: Your options
  • Risk mitigation and reporting strategies
  • Common pitfalls and how to sidestep them
  • And much more!

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Raleigh, NC

Clinical Trial Risk and Performance Management Summit

A Metrics Champion Consortium/CenterWatch Event
Wednesday–Thursday November 14-15, 2018 • Princeton, NJ

Come to Princeton Nov. 14 and 15 for the first-ever Metrics Champion Consortium Summit. This will be an exclusive gathering of the top minds in trial performance metrics, spearheaded by MCC Executive Director Linda Sullivan. Our keynote speaker will be Ken Getz, Associate Professor and Director, CSDD, Tufts University and Founder and Board Chair, CISCRP, clinical trials guru, founder of CenterWatch and an MCC partner. Linda and Ken and our roster of experts will guide you through the issues that are top of mind in clinical trials metrics today:

  • How is ICH-E6(R2) changing what you need to measure? What are global regulators looking for?
  • How do metrics influence behavior? Are you rewarding firefighting or preventing problems? Does your staff have the critical thinking skills needed to root out what needs to be changed?
  • Centralized monitoring. How is industry approaching key risk indicators and quality tolerance limits?
  • Getting to the root of the problem. Pros and cons of traditional analytic approaches: Is there a better way?
  • Predictive analytics. The next-level key to your success. But how do you get there?

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Princeton, NJ

Institute of Clinical Research—Project Management Forum

Thursday October 19, 2018 • Farnborough in the UK

Presenter: Keith Dorricott
Director, Dorricott Metrics & Process Improvement Ltd,
MCC Ambassador

Presentation Topic: “Risk Assessment in the era of ICH E6 (R2): Building on the TransCelerate Risk Assessment and Categorization Tool (RACT)”

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Retooling Risk-Based Quality Management Approaches in the Era of ICH E6(R2)

Mark your calendar for Thursday, Oct. 18, when Linda Sullivan, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Metrics Champion Consortium and Keith Dorricott, Director, Dorricott Metrics & Process Improvement Ltd, will discuss approaches sponsors are taking to align with ICH E6(R2).

During 60 fast-paced minutes Linda and Keith will:

  • Explore new risk-based quality management requirements described in ICH E6(R2) section 5.0
  • Discuss the importance of critical thinking in risk assessment and risk control
  • Explain the meaning of high and low detectability and the relevance to risk prioritization
  • Describe leading practices to improve risk assessment and quality oversight

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Free Webinar

DIA 2018 Annual Meeting

Date and Time: June 26, 2018

Session Title: The Risk Assessment is Done – Now What?

Session Moderator: 

Linda B. SullivanCo-Founder and PresidentMETRICS CHAMPION CONSORTIUM LLC

Session Panelists: 

Nurcan Coskun, Ph.D.

Global Risk Based Monitoring Program and Technology Solutions Manager | MC2



Keith Dorricott

Director, Dorricott Metrics & Process Improvement Ltd,

MCC Ambassador


Olgica Klindworth, MS Analytics

Associate Director, Data Analytics


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Boston, MA

Pharmaceutical Industry Project Management Group Meeting

Date and Time: June 11, 2018

Session Title: Pharmaceutical Industry Project Management Group Meeting

Workshop Title: Defining Metrics that Answer the Questions That Matter


Keith Dorricott, Director, Dorricott Metrics & Process Improvement Ltd, MCC Ambassador


London, UK

Comprehend Systems Webinar

Date and Time: May 23, 2018 1-2 pm EDT

Session Title: Comprehend Systems Webinar

Session Description: “Best Practices in Defining and Aggregating Study Data for Oversight”




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Clinical Trial Innovation Summit

Date and Time: May 7, 2018 8:30 am EDT

Session Title: Mastering Risk-Based Monitoring – Part 1

Session Description: Updating Your Risk Evaluation Process to Support Centralized Monitoring and Risk-based Monitoring




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Boston, MA

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