Introducing a Community of Practice for Small and Mid-Sized Sponsors

As a small or mid-sized biopharmaceutical sponsor, your clinical research management and operational needs are vastly different than those of big pharma. So why should your MCC membership be the same? It shouldn’t, which is why the Metrics Champion Consortium and Halloran Consulting Group have joined forces to meet the needs of smaller sponsors.

We have designed a unique membership program focused on building a Community of Practice (CoP) for small and mid-sized companies to:

  • Share ideas and practical approaches
  • Learn from their peers
  • Adapt and use MCC Performance Metric Sets and Tools
  • Improve clinical research operations

Plus, as an MCC member, you can still enjoy all the standard benefits:

New Enhanced Membership Option Includes Special Monthly Newsletter

Don’t have time to attend the small sponsor CoP meeting or need additional support to implement metrics? The new enhanced membership option allows your organization to join a special support group that receives a unique set of benefits: Halloran representation at MCC meetings and a monthly newsletter to keep you up-to-date on MCC work group discussions and deliverables. The MCC-Halloran Newsletter provides the insight and knowledge your organization needs to implement a set of actionable metrics designed for use in small companies.

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Contact MCC directly to learn more about membership options.

Teresa L. Holland
317-622-0266, ext. 108

Join MCC today! By joining, you will collaborate with over 80 MCC member companies and utilize the MCC metrics on a daily basis to improve your company’s processes and performance in the industry.

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Membership Rates

Company SizeBasic Membership Rates in USDBasic Membership + Small/Mid-sized Sponsor CoP Monthly Publication
> 10,000 employees$15 K /yearPrice quoted upon request
5,000-9,999$13 K /year
1,000-4,999$11 K /year
500-999$5,500 /year$6,000/year
100-499 employees$3,300 /year$4,000/year
< 100 employees$1,100 /year$2,000/year

Membership FeaturesBasic MembershipLeadership
Access to the Member-only area of the MCC website
Access to the detailed versions of all MCC performance metrics and quality scoring tools
Option to participate in MCC member-only workshops and online courses (additional fees may apply)
Member-only discount rates on registration fees to MCC public workshops and a variety of Industry conferences
Access to the archive recordings of MCC online meetings & case study presentations
Employees can participate in all MCC metrics initiative Working Groups
Receive Small/Mid-sized Sponsor monthly newsletter with summary of CoP discussions, implementation suggestions and change management tips
Receive CoP group-driven deliverables/tools for company usage and implementation.

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