MCC Imaging Performance Work Group

MCC Imaging Performance Work Group members are working collaboratively, in a pre-competitive environment, to review, revise and add to existing imaging performance metrics to develop best current practices for today’s clinical trial environment, while anticipating the requirements of the near future.


The scope of discussions and participants will include the following:

  • All imaging service providers, imaging technology companies and underlying or enabling functionality developers
  • All biopharmaceutical and medical device sponsors using imaging endpoints, services, technologies and related activities in clinical drug development or medical device approval
  • All therapeutic areas employing imaging endpoints, services, technologies and related activities in clinical drug development
  • Single study and complete portfolio metrics
  • Relationship, quality, efficiency, timeliness, cycle times
  • Best practices to support adoption and effective use of metrics

 Meeting Schedule

3rd Tuesday of the month,10-11am EST Registration links available on Upcoming Meetings Webpage in MCC Members Portal

Topics Explored

    Imaging Performance Work Group is exploring the following topics:

  • How are the existing imaging metrics, developed by MCC in 2009 and revised in 2014, being used today, to what degree and by what types of functions and organizations in the clinical trials arena?
  • How do we ensure that the MCC imaging metrics are keeping pace with the changing technologies, industry practices and regulatory requirements?
  • What is the potential impact of ICH E6 (R2) on imaging vendor oversight metrics and who is ultimately responsible for reviewing metrics within the oversight model?
  • What new metrics should we design to accommodate current industry practices, including the broad adoption of electronic image data transfer, automated and semi-automated image QC, and rapid turn-around central review?
  • Is there a need for new metrics to accommodate the advent of big data analytics, emerging imaging biomarkers, cloud-based image management solutions and integrated end-to-end imaging platforms?
  • Are there therapeutic area-specific imaging metrics that should be considered?

Meeting Output

    Imaging Performance Work Group output will include:

  • A newly revised set of imaging metrics that accommodates current industry practices, technologies and regulatory requirements
  • High-level process maps showing imaging vendor oversight metrics
  • Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators
  • Guidance on implementation
  • Best practices to support adoption and effective use of metrics
  • Recommendations for further exploration and development


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