Membership Services for Investigative Sites

Do you know which site performance metrics are critical to sponsors? MCC site members do.

In today’s competitive landscape, clinical research sites must understand the importance of performance metrics and the critical role they play in partner development, process improvement, quality oversight and ultimately, organizational success.

MCC site members have the unique opportunity to:

  • Engage in open discussions about metric usage and implementation
  • Understand which metrics sponsors utilize to measure their site partners’ performance and why
  • Learn which areas to internally measure about their own performance
  • Learn from sponsors about trial oversight and quality management

Plus, sites enjoy all the standard MCC membership benefits:

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Contact MCC directly to learn more about membership options.

Teresa L. Holland
317-622-0266, ext. 108

Join MCC today! By joining, you will collaborate with over 80 MCC member companies and utilize the MCC metrics on a daily basis to improve your company’s processes and performance in the industry.

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Membership Rates

Company SizeBasic Membership Rates in USD
Site Groups/Alliances (Clinical Sites ONLY)$1,100 /year
Individual Site/Center (Clinical Sites ONLY)$250 /year
Contact Teresa Holland for leadership pricing.

Membership FeaturesBasic MembershipLeadership
Access to the Member-only area of the MCC website
Access to detailed versions of all MCC performance metrics and quality scoring tools
Option to participate in MCC member-only workshops and online courses (additional fees may apply)
Member-only discount rates on registration fees to MCC public workshops and a variety of Industry conferences
Member-only discount rates on MCC publications
Access to the archive recordings of MCC online meetings & case study presentations
Employees can participate in all MCC metrics initiative Working Groups
Representation on the MCC Industry Advisory Board
Opportunity to participate on MCC Steering Committees which lead the metrics initiatives

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