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Metrics Champion Consortium (MCC) is the thought leader in providing metrics for the clinical trials industry, offering qualitative and quantitative metrics, analysis, and industry insights you need to assess clinical trial risk and monitor compliance.

As a MCC member, your organization has the opportunity to:

  • Engage in a neutral industry forum
  • Have open discussions about metric usage and implementation
  • Discuss how to streamline reporting processes

Membership Benefits

Membership Features

Membership FeaturesBasic MembershipLeadership
Access to the Member-only area of the MCC website
Access to detailed versions of all MCC performance metrics and quality scoring tools
Option to participate in MCC member-only workshops and online courses (additional fees may apply)
Member-only discount rates on registration fees to MCC public workshops and a variety of Industry conferences
Access to the archive recordings of MCC online meetings & case study presentations
Employees can participate in all MCC metrics initiative Working Groups
Representation on the MCC Industry Advisory Board
Opportunity to participate on MCC Steering Committees which lead the metrics initiatives

Membership Rates

Company SizeBasic Membership Rates in USD
> 10,000 employees$15 K /year
5,000-9,999$13 K /year
1,000-4,999$11 K /year
500-999$5,500 /year
100-499 employees$3,300 /year
< 100 employees$1,100 /year

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