Risk Management Working Group


Working Group output that is available to members:

  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation Management Tool (RA&MMT) – An all-in-one tool for assessing risks and reducing risks prior to the start of the study, and detecting risks and mitigating issues during the study. A blank version of the tool and an example version with mock data are available.
  • Risk Assessment Implementation Guide – A guidance document to assist organizations in the successful implementation of a structured risk assessment process that includes the use of RA&MMT.
  • Risk Management and RA&MMT White Paper – A paper that educates and makes the case for a structured approach to risk management in clinical trials and how RA&MMT provides that structure.
  • Recorded launch session that introduces the tool.

For additional information, please view recent news blogs:

MCC’s Risk Assessment & Mitigation Management Tool (RA&MMT) Ready for Release

Risk Assessment & Mitigation Management Tool (RA&MMT) v1.0 Overview

MCC members should contact Customer Service (customerservice@metricschampion.org) for assistance accessing the information on the MCC Member Portal.

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