Site-Generated Performance Metrics Working Group

The MCC Site-generated Performance Metrics Working Group, comprised of representatives from investigator sites, defined a set of metrics that sites should use to assess clinical trial start-up, conduct and close-out processes – from the site point-of-view.

Working Group output that is available to members:

  • Site-Generated Metrics Process Map – Processes are mapped for study startup, study conduct and study close out. Each map indicates where in the process site-generated metrics have been defined for measuring performance.
  • Site-Generated Metrics v1.0 – A set of 14 site-perspective / site-generated (measured by sites) performance metrics for use in study startup, conduct and close out.
  • Listing of Metrics Sponsors, CROs and other service providers (Central Labs, Imaging Labs, etc.) measure about site performance

MCC members should contact Customer Service ( for assistance accessing the information on the MCC Member Portal.

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