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The MCC Site Selection & Study Start-Up work group will convene for an online meeting on 1-Oct-2019 at 10 am EDT. During the meeting, we review survey results and discuss the following aspects related to the process of site selection and study start-up:

  • What does the high-level process look like?
  • What are the process issues organizations are encountering?
  • What are the important questions that we want metrics to help us answer?

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In preparation for the meeting, we are seeking input on high level processes, current process challenges and issues, and current metrics utilized to oversee and manage these processes. This information will be used to help ensure the metrics we develop are in line with industry needs in this important area.

Survey respondents will receive a summary recap of results. Your survey responses will be kept confidential.  TAKE SURVEY

Meeting Schedule

1st Tuesday of the month, 10-11am EST – Registration links are available on the Upcoming Meetings Webpage in the MCC Members Portal.

Meeting Output:

Work Group Output to Date:

  • MCC Site Contracting Metric Toolkit v1.1 – a set of 29 basic and advanced metrics, performance targets and Global Start-Up Comparison Models, includes “Next Generation” Metric Implementation Support Tools

MCC member organizations can download the MCC Site Contracting Metric Toolkit v1.1 by logging into the member portal and visiting the MCC metrics sets and tool page. Contact MCC Customer Service if you need assistance.

Work Group Planned Output:

  • High level process map
  • Key Performance Questions and associated metrics
  • Metric selection tools
  • Metric implementation guide

Team is Exploring:

    Site Selection & Start Up Work Group is exploring the following topics:

  • The process of site selection, site start-up and activation
  • Perspectives of member organizations on the important questions the metrics should answer (Key performance Questions)
  • Metrics for site selection, site start-up and activation
  • Metrics at site, country, study and portfolio levels
  • Metrics for timeliness and quality as well as for cycle timeThe site start-up metrics from the existing Clinical Trial Performance Metrics set v1.3 and feedback from the survey

MCC Membership Information

This is a member-only group. For additional information about MCC membership options or to find out if your organization is a MCC member, please visit the MCC Membership webpage or contact MCC Director of Membership, Teresa Holland or call 317-622-0266.  Return to Work Group List

Help ensure the Site Selection & Start Up metrics we develop are in line with industry needs.

Download MCC Site Contracting Metrics Toolkit v1.1 White Paper


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