Small/Mid-sized Sponsor Community of Practice Group

In response to feedback about the unique needs of smaller sponsors, the MCC formed the Small Sponsor Community of Practice Group. Meetings will take place every other month. The purpose of this new group is to provide members with the opportunity to:

  • Share ideas and practical approaches that work in small sponsor settings
  • Get up-to-date news on MCC Performance Metric Sets and Tools
  • Provide feedback about how MCC can support small sponsors
  • Learn from their peers

MCC members can access the Small Sponsor Community of Practice Group Knowledge Portal where self-help resources such as short videos, implementation guides and links to relevant MCC resources are available. You can access the page by logging on to the MCC member portal and selecting the “Meetings & Work Groups” tab and then “Small Sponsor Community of Practice Group”.

Meeting Schedule

Every other month, 11am – 12 pm ET. Meeting dates and registration links available on the Upcoming Meetings webpage in the MCC Member Portal.

Topics Explored

Small Sponsor Community of Practice is exploring the following topics:

Team Output

Small Sponsor Community of Practice output will include:

Looking for additional information?

Those interested in joining the work group should log into their member account and select Small Sponsor Community of Practice Group in their user profile. For additional information about joining the Small Sponsor Community of Practice Group, please contact Customer Service at

MCC Membership Information

This is a member-only group. For additional information about MCC membership options or to find out if your organization is a MCC member, please visit the MCC Membership webpage or contact MCC Director of Membership, Teresa Holland or call 317-622-0266.

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The MCC is seeking input from small sponsors about how they would like to use the CoP and the topics they would like to explore.


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Employees of MCC member organizations are invited to join the MCC Small Sponsor LinkedIn Community to get the latest news on work group activities, share relevant news and participate in online discussions.