Trial Master File Performance Metrics Working Group

Working group is exploring:

  • How well the TMF process is being executed and managed throughout a study’s start-up, conduct and closeout.
  • How well the TMF process is being performed across studies.
  • Criteria that defines an “acceptable level” of performance.
  • Establishing a “basic” metric set that can be used in paper and/or eTMF programs and a more “advanced” metric set that can be adopted by organizations with more advanced eTMF systems and experience using TMF metrics.

Working Group output will include:

  • TMF Process Map
  • TMF Wiki - Key Terms and Definitions
  • TMF Metric Practices Industry Survey Results
  • TMF Artifacts Mapping Tool (based on TMF Reference Model v3)
  • TMF Critical Success Factors & Key Performance Questions
  • MCC TMF “Basic” metric sets (paper and eTMF) and “Advanced” metric set (eTMF). MCC will focus on developing the basic set(s) before expanding into the advanced set.

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