Vendor Oversight Work Group


MCC Vendor Oversight Work Group members are working in a collaborative environment to review, revise and add to existing MCC metrics for vendor oversight.

Work Group is exploring:

  • Existing metrics developed by the MCC that could be used, possibly with modification, for vendor oversight
  • Potential impacts of ICH E6 (R2) on vendor oversight metrics
  • Deliverables from previous MCC work groups – in particular, the list of high priority questions developed by the MCC Relationship Quality Work Group – that can be incorporated into the vendor oversight metrics
  • The opportunity to define new metrics based on data elements from separate systems that consortia members are now able to generate as a result of implementing new system integration, data warehousing and reporting capabilities

Work Group output will include:

  • A high-level process map showing the vendor oversight metrics
  • Definitions of key terms
  • Vendor Oversight Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Questions
  • A set of Vendor Oversight metrics with references to metrics in the other MCC metric sets
  • Guidance on implementation


  • Sponsor-CRO with governance in place – not transactional relationships and not relationships between Sponsor and non-CRO vendors
  • Across all studies in portfolio
  • Relationship, quality, efficiency, timeliness, cycle time
  • Including CRO sub-contractors

Work Group meetings:

Monthly meetings 1st Wednesday of the month

Open space to share thoughts and ideas with your industry colleagues – be a thought leader!


For additional information about joining this Working Group, please contact Customer Service (

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