About Us

MCC’s Mission & History

Leading the drug-development enterprise in the adoption and utilization of standardized metrics and benchmarks to drive performance improvement.

Founded in 2006, MCC is the leading industry association dedicated to the development of standardized performance metrics to improve clinical trials. MCC provides the collaborative environment for biopharmaceutical and device sponsors, service providers and sites to improve clinical-trial development through use of MCC standardized performance metrics.

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Your Value from MCC

Organizational ValueEmployee Value

  • Be "in the know" about latest metrics & trends

  • Know the best metrics to use

  • Know how to apply knowledge

  • Become a certified metrics expert


  • Know where I stand vs the industry in operations

  • Know how my suppliers or customers compare

  • Know what constitutes "best in industry" performance

  • Know how to achieve "best in industry" performance

  • Access to knowledge and advice

  • Become a "go to" person for measurement and performance


  • Access to webinars on state-of-the-art techniques


  • Access to MCC Scoring Tools (Protocol Quality / Site Selection)

Alignment & AccessPersonal Growth

  • Alignment with TransCelerate and AQC strategy and process dvmt

  • Access and discounted pricing

  • Sneak previews of results and beta testing opportunities

  • Gain visibility within my organization

  • Networking with experts and colleagues

    Evolving Member Benefits