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As an MCC member, your organization is among the leaders in the industry, helping to shape future performance and benefiting from interactions with other top industry performers. You and your colleagues have access to MCCs metric sets: Clinical Trial Performance Metrics, Central Laboratory Metrics, Cardiopulmonary Metrics, Imaging Metrics and Site Metrics. But these metrics are more than just cycle times; they include Quality metrics, Risk Based Monitoring Metrics Efficiency metrics and Key Performance and Risk Indicators as well. In addition, you have access to Quality Scoring Tools (e.g., for protocols and sites) developed by the MCC.

Current members of the MCC?

The MCC is comprised of nearly 80 organizations including sponsors, CROs, central labs, ECG and imaging core labs, investigational sites, and IT system vendors. To view a complete listing, please click here mcc_member_list

Membership costs to join the MCC?

There are two levels of MCC membership: Leadership and Basic Membership (scroll to the bottom of the page to view the benefits of each level) . The cost of a Basic Membership is described in the table below.

Interested in increasing your membership to the Leadership level? Contact the MCC for membership details.

Company Size Basic Membership
> 10, 000 employees $15, 000 USD
5,000 – 9,999 employees $13, 000 USD
1,000 – 4,999 employees $11, 000 USD
500 – 999 employees $5, 500 USD
100 –499 employees $3, 300 USD
< 100 employees $1, 100 USD
Site Groups/Alliances(Clinical Sites ONLY) $1, 100 USD
Individual Site/Center(Clinical Sites ONLY) $250 USD

MCC Basic versus Leadership Membership features

Membership Features Basic Membership Leadership Membership
Access to the Members’ only area of the MCC website X X
Access to the detailed versions of all MCC performance metrics and quality scoring tools X X
Option to participate in blinded metrics benchmarking database for MCC member organizations (additional fees will apply) X X
Option to participate in MCC Institute member-only workshops and online courses (additional fees will apply) X X
Member discounts on registration fees for MCC public workshops, on-site workshops and a variety of Industry conferences X X
Access to the archive recordings of MCC online meetings & case study presentations X X
Employees can participate in all MCC metrics initiative Working Groups X X
Representation on the MCC Industry Advisory Board X
Opportunity to participate on MCC Steering Committees which lead the metric initiatives X
Opportunity to join the blinded MCC Benchmarking Database as a beta tester during the pilot phase at a discounted rate (all other members must wait until production phase to join and must join at full rate) X