MCC eTMF/TMF Metrics Leadership Team Progress Webinar

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Metrics Champion Consortium (MCC) held a member only session on 20 November that provided an update on the progress made by the MCC’s eTMF/TMF Metrics Leadership Team. During the session, the MCC outlined the stages of the MCC Metrics Development Process, a proposed basic and advanced Metric Framework that accommodates paper and eTMF processes and a TMF Artifacts Mapping Tool (based on the TMF RM V3).

During the session, the MCC also announced the launch of a new survey where it will ask members for feedback regarding the TMF Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and Key Performance Questions (KPQs) discussed during the webinar.

If you are a MCC member and wish to participate in the guided review of the TMF metrics, log onto the MCC Member Portal to see the list of open surveys which includes, Guided Review of TMF Key Performance Questions. Contact Customer Service for any assistance.

Survey results will be shared with a now-forming MCC TMF Working Group that will make recommendations on the initial set of TMF metrics. You can signup to be part of this working group at the end of the survey.

The MCC also has available the recording of this session for MCC members. This can be found in the Workgroup News section of the TMF Workgroup page on the MCC Member Portal.

Please contact Linda Sullivan at for additional information.

To learn more about membership options or to register to become a member of the MCC, please CLICK HERE or contact Terry Holland.