Ambassador Network Search

Search the MCC Ambassador Network Consultant Database

Please follow these easy-to-use instructions to search the database:

1. Select Search Criteria

The opening view allows the searcher to narrow their search criteria by selecting from:

  • The Area(s) of Expertise they need in a consultant
  • The Customer Type(s) of the searcher
  • The Company Name (or any portion of the company name) of the consultant
  • The Home Country of Consultant (any portion of country name)
  • The First Name (or any portion of the first name) of the consultant
  • The Last Name (or any portion of the last name) of the consultant

2. Click Search

3. View Summary Results

The initial screen shows a list of consultants that match the search criteria.

4. View Detailed Consultant-level Results

Click View Details on the right side of the Summary Results listing of the Consultant you wish to view additional details

  • Complete information for the consultant appears on a separate screen.
  • This can be printed using your browser’s print function.
  • Click Back to return to the previous screen.

5. Click Search Again to return to the search criteria screen.

6. Close the tab when finished.

Ready to Search?

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