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With more organizations focusing on metrics, the MCC has received an increase of questions ranging from how to use metrics, why some metrics are better than others, which type of metrics is best to use, as well as questions about specific MCC Metrics. This column provides a forum for us to share these questions and answers with you.

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October 2019

A: This was a major topic of discussion in one of the breakout groups at the MCC Summit in September. Many organizations are struggling with this – they have counts of activity but lack real value-added metrics. The overwhelming view was that we, as an industry, need metrics that help us to understand how well the new risk-based monitoring processes are being executed. These updated metrics can be used as input into process oversight and highlight opportunities for process improvement efforts. The MCC’s existing site monitoring metrics need to be updated to reflect the realities of the world of Risk-Based Quality Management. To that end, we are launching the MCC Centralized and Site Monitoring Process Metric Development Work Group on October 17, 2019. The launch meeting is open to the public.

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