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With more organizations focusing on metrics, the MCC has received an increase of questions ranging from how to use metrics, why some metrics are better than others, which type of metrics is best to use, as well as questions about specific MCC Metrics. This column provides a forum for us to share these questions and answers with you.

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August 2019

A: Many organizations focus on reducing study start-up cycle times. Unfortunately, this often results in increased overall study cycle times due to quality issues generated by rushing early processes. In the situation you described, you have sites that are not meeting enrollment expectations. This is not the outcome your organization was seeking! Could this have been prevented if you allowed the teams to spend more time to find better sites during start-up? How do you find the optimal balance of completing tasks quickly and meeting quality requirements? Selecting metrics that reward people for achieving both time and quality goals is a good starting place. This encourages people to “do it right the first time”! MCC metric definitions include suggestions of metrics that should be used together to address this problem. We call these metric groupings “companion metrics”.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use metrics to oversee and manage study start-up, please visit the MCC website to learn about the MCC Site Selection & Start-Up Work Group reconvening in October 2019.

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