Cardiopulmonary (ABPM, ECG, Spirometry) Work Group

MCC Cardiopulmonary Metric v2.1 toolkit was released in 2015. The toolkit included “core” metrics that are applicable to the set-up, conduct and oversight of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM), electrocardiogram (ECG) and spirometry services in clinical trials. Additionally, the toolkit included ABPM-, ECG- and spirometry-specific metrics.

Following the release of the metric set, MCC held quarterly Implementation Q&A Meetings to discuss challenges and opportunities with implementation of the metrics. During these meetings, participants identified metric definition updates that needed to be considered and the metrics have been updated in v2.2 to reflect the outcomes of the discussions. Additionally, implementation support tools were added to bring the toolkit in line with other MCC metric toolkits.

Meeting Schedule

The work group has moved into the Implementation Support stage of the metric set life-cycle. Online meetings will be held on a quarterly basis to provide MCC members the opportunity to ask questions and share experiences related to implementing the metric set. Registration links are available on the Upcoming Meetings Webpage in the MCC Members Portal.

Team Output:

MCC Cardiopulmonary Metric Toolkit v2.2

Component Purpose
Metric Toolkit Overview and Implementation Guide Document providing an overview of the Metrics Toolkit and recommended approaches for selecting metrics for your program
Metric Toolkit Overview (Recorded Webinar) To provide an overview of purpose of the metrics and how to use the toolkit — includes demonstrations of the Metric Workbook and Metric Selection and Implementation Tools.
Process Map with Metrics Visualization of the ABPM, ECG and spirometry processes and the process tasks measured by MCC metrics.
Metrics Workbook To define each metric. Includes purpose, recommended usage, target, glossary and process map.
Metric Selection & Implementation Support Tools*
Tool A: Key Performance Questions to Metrics To determine recommended metrics and data elements that help you answer for key performance questions
Tool B: Issues to Metrics To determine recommended metrics and data elements for particular issues
Tool C & D: Tools C and D are currently unavailable for this toolkit. They will be developed at the next major review of the metrics.
Tool E: Metrics Reporting Planning Worksheet For use between sponsor, CRO and other vendors. Specifies metrics to be used along with reporting frequency and responsibilities

*Each tool has a short associated “How-To-Use” demo.

MCC member organizations can download the MCC Cardiopulmonary Metric Toolkit v2.2 by logging into the member portal and visiting the MCC metrics sets and tool page. Contact MCC Customer Service if you need assistance.

Team Explored:

Review survey feedback to assess the current set of metrics with the objective of assuring that they keep pace with changes in technology and industry practices.

MCC Membership Information

This is a member-only group. For additional information about MCC membership options or to find out if your organization is a MCC member, please visit the MCC Membership webpage or contact MCC Director of Membership, Teresa Holland or call 317-622-0266. Return to Work Group List

Metric Info Sheet DOWNLOAD

MCC Cardiopulmonary Metric Toolkit v2.2

  • Metrics Toolkit Overview and Implementation Guide
  • Metric Toolkit Overview (Recorded Webinar)
  • Process Map with Metrics
  • Metrics Workbook

Metric Selection & Implementation Support Tools:

  • Tool A: Key Performance Questions to Metrics
  • Tool B: Issues to Metrics
  • Tool C & D: To be developed at next major review
  • Tool E: Metrics Reporting Planning Worksheet

Additional Resources

MCC follows the metric development process. For more information about the process:

MCC’s Metric Development Framework: Defining Metrics That Answer Key Performance Questions View white paper, Listen to podcast

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Additional white papers available here.

For additional Vendor Oversight metrics visit the Vendor Oversight page.

Contact MCC Membership Director Teresa Holland to learn how your organization can access the entire library of metric toolkits in the MCC Knowledge Portal!

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