Centralized & Site Monitoring Process Metrics Work Group

MCC Centralized & Site Monitoring Process Metrics work group members are working to define process metrics as this area has been transformed by Risk-Based Quality Management. Our industry survey has shown that the most common process metrics used in this area are based on traditional site monitoring. We are exploring how centralized, targeted and remote monitoring have impacted the process as we develop a high-level process map and glossary of terms. We are also discussing the challenges in the new process and the key performance questions we need answers to, to help monitor, manage and improve the process. Our revised and new metrics will be designed to help answer those key performance questions. As with all MCC metric sets, they will be developed as part of a toolkit designed to help select the right metrics, to implement and to use metrics. We launched the work group in October at a meeting with over 20 organizations represented – sponsors, CROs and vendors. A 13-minute video summary from the launch meeting is available to view on this page. The development effort will continue in to 2020.

Note that there are separate monthly meetings for the Centralized Monitoring Best Practice Community where members discuss case studies and SME presentations on topics of interest in Centralized and Risk-Based Monitoring.

Meeting Schedule

3rd Thursday of the month, 11am – 12pm ET. Registration links available on the Upcoming Meetings webpage in the MCC Member Portal.

Topics Explored

    Centralized and Site Monitoring Metrics Work Group is exploring the following topics:

  • The process of site monitoring – including on-site and central
  • Perspectives of member organizations on the important questions the metrics should answer (Key performance Questions)
  • Metrics for site monitoring – both on-site and centralized
  • Metrics at site, country, study and portfolio levels
  • Metrics for timeliness and quality as well as for cycle time

Meeting Output

    Centralized and Site Monitoring Metrics Work Group output will include:

  • Detailed metrics based on the key performance questions for site monitoring


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