Class of 2020 MCC Champions Recognized at the MCC Summit

Monday, September 28, 2020

Although many organizations and individuals participate in MCC work groups and drive the adoption of MCC metrics by their organizations, we like to acknowledge the special contributions made by a select group of individuals. We are pleased to announce this year’s class of MCC Champions – a special honor bestowed upon individuals who made significant contributions to advancing the MCC mission to improve the efficiency, quality and effectiveness of clinical trials.

Please join us in congratulating the 2020 award recipients.

2020 MCC Champion Award Recipients

Sagar Anisingaraju (USA)Brett Hoover (USA)Emily Ricketts (USA)
Frank Berger (Germany)Katherine Johnson (USA)Elvin Thalund (USA)
Colleen Cox (USA)Barbara Mumma (USA)Gary Tyson (USA)
Steve Crow (UK)Dawn Niccum (USA)Alec Vardy (USA)
Laurie Halloran (USA)Barbara Novak (USA)

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