COVID-19 Knowledge Sharing Group

The MCC COVID-19 Knowledge Sharing Group was launched to provide MCC member organizations a platform to share information and to support each other in running clinical trials during the COVID-19 pandemic. MCC resources have been made available to assist in sharing knowledge – a web-based MCC COVID-19 Knowledge Portal which is being updated regularly, and a LinkedIn Group for ongoing questions and discussion.

Meeting Schedule

Regular meetings have been discontinued at this time, as topics related to COVID-19 are being addressed in other MCC member groups.

MCC COVID-19 Knowledge Portal

The online knowledge portal brings together important information about running trials during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Topics Discussed

Weekly online meetings provide group members the opportunity to share challenges, experiences, questions and lessons learned. Topics discussed include:

  • Virtual patient visits
  • Missing data and/or modified visits
  • Risk Management & Control
  • Centralized Monitoring
  • Protocol deviations and protocol amendments
  • Using local labs
  • Informed consent form amendments
  • Patient communication
  • Lessons learned

Looking for additional information?

MCC members are invited to join the weekly discussions and visit the MCC COVID-19 Knowledge Portal by logging into the member portal.  Please complete the online user account application form if you need to set-up a user account or contact Customer Service at for assistance.

MCC Membership Information

This is a member-only group. For additional information about MCC membership options or to find out if your organization is a MCC member, please visit the MCC Membership webpage or contact MCC Director of Membership, Teresa Holland or call 317-622-0266.

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Employees of MCC member organizations are invited to join the MCC COVID-19 LinkedIn Community to get the latest news on group activities, share relevant news and participate in online discussions.