DIA Session, “Risk-Based Monitoring: Convergence of Technology, Processes, and People,” MCC Presentation Now Available

Friday, July 28, 2017

MCC Ambassador Keith Dorricott presented on this critical topic at the highly attended session during the annual DIA conference in Chicago in June.

Presenters pictured are Mary Arnould (BMS), Keith Dorricott, Steve Young (CluePoints), during their presentation session at the DIA Annual Meeting.

Keith’s presentation included data from surveys of MCC member organizations and highlighted:

  • Data sources typically used for central monitoring
  • Who carries out the central monitoring function
  • Who is responsible for oversight of central monitoring
  • Different approaches to analysis

Additionally, he discussed different models related to site monitoring staff access to central monitoring data and analytic reports:

  1. Centralized model where there is a gatekeeper to the analytics
  2. Decentralized model where site monitoring staff carry out the analysis

A poll of the audience showed a majority use a hybrid approach with centralized analysis as well as site monitors directly accessing analytic reports.

To download this presentation, click here.

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