eCOA Process Metrics Work Group Expanding Coverage of the Metric Toolkit

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The utilization of eCOA/ePRO services has accelerated in recent years, fueled in part by the COVID pandemic. In late 2020, the MCC eCOA Process Metrics Work Group conducted a review of the eCOA metric set v2.0 (released in October 2018) and identified several areas that needed exploration to address gaps. The first area of focus considered was the translations process. They started by developing a high-level process map, which required multiple iterations before finalization. Work Group members found the process map very useful for establishing the Key Performance Questions and metrics needed to address the gap.

At the April 2021 meeting, they will move on to discuss another key part of the process – training. Currently, the metric toolkit includes a metric measuring staff training completion. However, the group plans to cover a full range of training, including site staff and study participants (for ePRO). Additionally, they will explore how to measure whether the training is effective. In subsequent meetings, they will discuss whether additional study conduct metrics related to data quality should be added, too.

Additional information about this MCC member group can be found by visiting the eCOA Process Metrics work group page. MCC Members can log onto the MCC member portal to register for the session.

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