Inaugural Meeting of the Patient Diversity Community of Practice Group 10 Jun 2021

Monday, April 19, 2021

MCC is pleased to announce the launch of the MCC Patient Diversity Community of Practice (CoP) Group on 10 June 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT. The purpose of the Patient Diversity CoP is to provide a forum for MCC members to share best practices and discuss common challenges they encounter increasing participation of under-represented patient populations in clinical research. The initial area the member group will explore is how to build out the investigative site infrastructure to expand the delivery of patient-centric care that supports clinical research participation of under-represented patient populations. This can be achieved by improving recruitment and retention of under-represented populations at existing investigational sites and/or bringing new investigators into the clinical research setting. To support this approach, MCC Executive Director, Linda Sullivan will share a draft version of an investigative site diversity assessment tool MCC staff developed with the input of WCG colleagues and other industry subject matter experts. The tool is designed to assess how closely a site aligns with a core set of best practice approaches that support recruitment and participation of diverse patient populations in clinical research. The tool output identifies areas of strength and those that need improvement as well as suggests possible strategies and tactics that can be implemented to better align with best practices.

CoP members will be invited to provide feedback and suggest updates to the draft assessment tool. Once the review is completed, the assessment tool will be available for MCC members to pilot and provide feedback for additional modifications.

MCC members are invited to log into the member portal to register for the 10 June meeting or contact MCC for further details.

Additional information about this MCC member group can be found by visiting the Patient Diversity Community of Practice page. MCC Members can log onto the MCC member portal to register for the session.

Not a member? Contact Terry Holland, MCC Membership Director, to discuss membership options.