Invest in Quality First vs. Fixing Problems Later with MCC’s Cost of Poor Quality Estimator Tool

Saturday, February 10, 2018

A complimentary White Paper detailing the MCC Cost of Poor Quality Estimator Tool (CoPQ) is now available to download. Developed with input from the MCC Study Quality Trailblazer Group members, the CoPQ Tool provides a way to quantify the impact quality-related problems have on operational costs and study timelines.

The White Paper details how the work group’s focus was on the costs of internal failure, such as the cost of avoidable protocol amendments, non-enrolling sites and non-core procedures. Estimating the costs of important errors occurring prospectively can aid in the implementation of prevention and appraisal measures up front, and in providing cost justification for those measures.

The MCC CoPQ Tool is an easy-to-use Excel®-based tool and has three categories for cost of poor quality: direct, operational costs (16 items), operational cost of study extension and delay to market costs.

The CoPQ Tool will be prominently featured at SCOPE when Linda Sullivan, MCC Co-Founder & President, participates in a panel discussion around finding a balance between investing in quality and the cost of fixing quality problems. If you are attending SCOPE, Linda invites you to connect with her!

MCC Cost of Poor Quality Estimator Tool is available to all MCC member organizations. MCC representatives are invited to log in to the MCC Member Portal to download the toolkit.

Download White Paper

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