MCC and Canadian Research Organization Alliance Group (N2) Announce Metric Education Collaboration

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Boston, MA – Metrics Champion Consortium (MCC) and the Canadian-based Network of Networks group (N2) are working together to develop mutually attractive benefits for the two organizations and their members. Through the N2-MCC collaboration, MCC’s eLearning and Metric Master Certification Programs will be available to N2 members at a discounted rate. Participants will gain expertise in the design, implementation and effective use of clinical research performance metrics. eLearning courses include The Elements that Make Metrics Effective, Developing Effective Metrics Using a Structured Process and Effective Metric Visualizations to Gain Valuable Performance Insights. The Metric Master Certification Program allows participants to apply the knowledge they have gained from the eLearning courses to an independent project relevant to their organizations. Certification program participants receive one-on-one guidance from an MCC advisor and upon successfully completing the program receive an MCC Metric Master Certificate.

About N2

The Network of Networks (N2) is a not-for-profit incorporated organization and an alliance of Canadian research networks and organizations working to enhance national clinical research capability and capacity. N2 provides a common platform for sharing best practices, resources and research-related content to ensure efficient and high-quality research, integrity of clinical practices and accountability by bringing together trialists and clinical research professionals from across the country. The organization is truly representative of clinical research in Canada and acts as a national voice and advocate on behalf of a broad range of stakeholders that have an impact on the efficiency and quality of clinical trials conducted in Canada.

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About MCC

The Metrics Champion Consortium (MCC)—a trusted partner in the clinical trials industry—identifies what to measure, how to assess the critical components of what is changing and how the industry is responding to address the changes to make improvements. MCC continually brings you new insights into the leading trends within the industry.

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