MCC Clinical Trial Performance Metric Sets Ready for a Checkup

Monday, December 21, 2015

The MCC Clinical Trial Performance Metrics as well as several other metric sets are a few years old and it’s time for them to be reviewed for improvement opportunities. MCC is launching multiple metric set checkups by inviting all MCC members to participate in a guided review process.

While many of the MCC metrics provide the desired performance feedback needed in organizations, it’s likely that there are others that require enhancing. MCC members with metrics experience will have the opportunity to influence change in metrics that may need enhancing or to affirm the metrics that should remain as is. Over 80 metrics are up for review.

New Way to Classify MCC Metric Sets

The MCC is aligning the metrics for review with the MCC Development Process that was released in 2015. The process consists of:

  • Critical Success Factors (CSFs), which describe what must be done well to be successful,
  • Key Performance Questions (KPQs), which identify what you need to know to determine whether the CSF is being achieved, and
  • Metrics, which answer the KPQs.

Each metric set will be released for review as the metrics that support a Critical Success Factor (CSF). There are a total of 13 CSFs that align with clinical trial areas of responsibility such as Site Performance, Data, Monitoring, Safety and Vendor Oversight. Regardless of your functional area, you’ll want to review the metric sets for CSFs that align with your areas of responsibility.

To learn more about the MCC Metrics Guided Review Initiative, we invite members to log onto the MCC Member Portal. At the top of the homepage you will see links to a table of the CSF metric sets along with a link to download the companion document to the initiative titled, “Overview of the MCC Metric Sets Guided Review Initiative“. The CSF table contains links to five metric sets that are available to review now. MCC will continue to release metric sets though January 2016 and will announce each metric set ready for review through emails and LinkedIn as soon as it becomes available.

Survey results will be shared with a MCC Working Group for each CSF that will make recommendations for their metric set. You can signup to be part of a working group at the end of each metric set’s guided review.

Please contact Linda Sullivan for additional information.

To learn more about membership options or to register to become a member of the MCC, please CLICK HERE or contact Terry Holland.