MCC Lab Metrics Update: Lab Metrics version 2.1 now available

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The MCC released updates to the Lab Metric definitions on July 1, 2014. Version 2.1 adds new descriptors and features to the metrics defined in version 2.0. Specifically, the new release includes the following new features to each of the 12 metrics in the set:

  • Level of Metric – Whether the metric is a Set Up/Relationship metric or a Sample Collection & Review metric
  • The Key Question that the metric will answer
  • Why is the question important? What related action steps might be taken based on the response?
  • Wiki Terms – definitions of terms used in the metric

These new metric features have been added to the new MCC Metric Search Engine. Additionally, the MCC Lab Metric v2.1 Excel file – which includes an updated metric viewing template – is available for download in the Existing Metric Set member only area of the website (for those who wish to look at the metric set via the old spreadsheet method).