MCC Member Group Meetings

The upcoming Member Group meetings are shown below. Meetings are typically 60 minutes in duration and are web-based. MCC is the place to meet industry peers, exchange ideas, collaborate, and think.

Some meetings are recorded for playback – such as where a Subject Matter Expert is presenting or there is a panel discussion. Participants are always informed at the start of the meeting if it is going to be recorded. Slides and any other meeting materials are made available for download. MCC membership is at the company level. If your company is a member, you can attend any of these meetings using the registration links in the member portal – just click ‘Member Login’ and go to ‘Meetings & Work Groups’. Want to know if your company is an MCC member? CLICK HERE for a list of current member organizations. You can find out more about membership benefits by contacting Teresa Holland or 317-622-0266.


Audit, Compliance & CAPA Members were polled on possible topics at the July meeting and the future schedule is being organized. 12-Oct-2021
Centralized & Site Monitoring Process Metrics Site Monitoring Metrics – developing the metrics to help answer the Key Performance Questions 21-Oct-2021
Centralized Monitoring Brainstorm and Discussion: “Care & Feeding of Unicorns”: With Centralized Monitoring becoming ever more important, we will continue our discussion on a key role – the Central Monitor. We move on from finding unicorns to how do we keep them? What are the leading practices for developing people in this role and encouraging them to grow and contribute? 20-Oct-2021
eCOA Process Metrics Review proposed metrics for the eCOA heldesk. And review existing metrics for data clarifications. 27-Oct-2021
Inspection Readiness & TMF Case study in the use of MCC TMF Metrics to drive improvement 7-Dec-2021
QbD-RBQM-Quality Improvement Metrics for RBQM – What is Available? 7-Oct-2021
Site Selection & Study Start-Up Metrics Review proposed ethics and regulatory metrics. Process for country selection & site ID & selection. 13-Oct-2021
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Vendor Oversight You’ve got the CRO’s KPIs – Now what?” 3-Nov-2021