MCC Releases the Vendor Oversight Finance Metric Toolkit 1.0

Friday, February 14, 2020

The Vendor Oversight Metric Development Work Group has launched its Finance Metrics Toolkit 1.0 that includes robust metric definitions for sixteen metrics and additional components to assist with metric selection, implementation and use.

The finance metrics are defined at four different levels; Portfolio, Study, Country and Investigative Site, and have clarity on purpose, definition, target and use.

The components of the toolkit are:

  • Metric Toolkit Overview and Implementation Guide
  • Metric Toolkit Overview (recorded webinar)
  • Metric Workbook

Metric Selection & Implementation Support Tools include:

  • Key Performance Questions to metrics
  • Issues to metrics
  • Basic/Advanced metrics to data elements
  • Data elements to metrics
  • Metrics reporting planning worksheet

MCC members can download the Finance Metrics Toolkit 1.0 by logging into the member portal and visiting the MCC Metric Sets and Tools page.

This release concludes the work of the Vendor Oversight Metric Development Work Group. The many accomplishments of the work group include:

  • Four metric toolkits
  • Detailed definitions of 59 metrics – developed using the MCC Metrics Development Framework
  • 28 glossary terms defined
  • Detailed guidance on relationship surveys published
  • Agreement on different approaches to aggregation of data across studies
  • 225 individuals registered to meetings representing 56 companies

The work group now moves into the metric implementation phase and no further metrics will be developed during this phase. Beginning in June, there will be quarterly Implementation Q&A meetings for Vendor oversight.

The first Implementation Q&A will be June 17, 2020 at 11AM EDT. Participants will review the metrics across all four sets for vendor oversight – timeliness, quality, finance, and relationship and have an opportunity to raise questions, discuss challenges, make suggestions on implementation. MCC members can register for this meeting by logging into the member portal, clicking the Members & Work Groups tab and scrolling down to Vendor Oversight under the Metrics Development Tab.

For additional information about the MCC Vendor Oversight Metric Toolkit v1.0 download the white paper.

Learn more about the MCC Vendor Oversight Work Group.

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