MCC Site Contracting Metric Toolkit Updated

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The MCC Site Contracting Metric Toolkit has been updated to include the full complement of Metric Selection and Implementation Support Tools in MCC Next Generation Toolkits.

The following metric selection and implementation supports tools were developed to guide organizations through the metric selection process:

  • Tool A: Key Performance Questions to Metrics
  • Tool B: Issues to Metrics
  • Tool C: Basic/Advanced Metrics to Data Elements
  • Tool D: Data Elements to Metrics
  • Tool E: Metrics Reporting Planning Worksheet

The metric definitions have not been modified since their original publication in August 2018.

MCC Member organizations can download the MCC Site Contracting Metrics v1.1 toolkit by logging in to the member portal and visiting the MCC Metric Sets and Tools page.

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