MCC Site Contracting Metric Toolkit v1.0 and Global Start-Up Comparison Models Now Available

Thursday, August 16, 2018

The newly released MCC Site Contracting Metric Toolkit v1.0, including the MCC’s Global Start-Up Comparison Models, is available for MCC members to download from the member portal.

The toolkit includes detailed metric descriptions and Global Start-Up Comparison Models that group countries into five models according to the impact that regulatory and ethic approval processes have on the site contracting process. This first of its kind comparison model provides organizations with the means for establishing realistic site contracting timeline expectations and comparing results of sites located in different regions of the world. Developed by the MCC Site Selection & Start-Up Work Group, the toolkit contains a comprehensive set of metrics to measure and monitor the important process of site contracting.

The toolkit includes:

  • Metric Set – Background & Overview
  • Introductory webinar
  • Process map with metrics
  • Metrics workbook, including 29 basic and advanced metrics, performance targets and Global Start-Up Comparison Models
  • Implementation Guide
  • Metric selection implementation support tools

The metric set was developed in record time during the successful Metric Kaizen event in April. Keith Dorricott, MCC Site Selection & Start-Up Work Group facilitator and MCC Ambassador, and Bartek Jarosz, site contracting Subject Matter Expert, worked with 26 people representing 15 companies during four consecutive weekly meetings this past April to develop the metrics.

“It was a fantastic team effort,” said Keith. “Working with Bartek we were able to quickly develop the first drafts which helped focus the four April meetings on key discussions and decisions.”

The draft metrics were made available for public comment in May.

The work group then reviewed that public feedback and finalized the metric classifications in June, and developed the remaining components of the toolkit in July.

MCC members can download the Site Contracting Metric Toolkit v1.0 by visiting the MCC metrics sets and tools page.

Learn more about the MCC Site Selection & Start-Up Work Group.

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