MCC Small Sponsor Community of Practice Group Announces Meeting Topics

Monday, February 15, 2021

Small sponsors have unique needs – that’s why MCC created the Small Sponsor Virtual Community of Practice to provide a place for small sponsors to hear what’s going on at the MCC, share ideas and practical approaches that work in small sponsor settings, and to learn from peers.  This group holds virtual meetings on a bi-monthly basis.

The schedule of topics for the first half of 2021 include:

  • How do Small Sponsors Use Quality Tolerance Limits? Provide feedback to the MCC member QTL sub-team (24 February 2021)
  • Defining KPIs with CROs – Simple? (28 April 2021)
  • Relationship Surveys – we just need to decide the questions, right? (23 June 2021)

The MCC Small Sponsor Community of Practice has its own landing page and Knowledge Portal in the MCC member portal. The Knowledge Portal includes many resources such as slides and recordings of the above topics, short video demonstrations, and implementation guides. Topics covered in 2020, included:

  • Vendor Oversight for Small Sponsors
  • Inspection Readiness in Small Sponsors
  • Successful Sponsor-Vendor Relationships
  • Small Sponsors Working with CROs: Getting RBQM to Work
  • Implementing Metrics for a TMF Process at a Small Sponsor

Additional information about this MCC member group can be found by visiting the MCC Small Sponsor community of practice page. MCC Members can log onto the MCC member portal to register for the sessions.

Not a member? Contact Terry Holland, MCC Membership Director, to discuss membership options.