MCC Sponsor/Vendor Relationship Assessment Metric Toolkit Now Available!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Recognizing the need to address challenging issues that can occur with relationship surveys, the Metrics Champion Consortium (MCC) Vendor Oversight Work Group has developed the MCC Relationship Assessment Metrics v1.0 toolkit, which is now available for download to MCC members. A complimentary White Paper and recorded webinar are available to non-members on the public MCC website.

In developing the toolkit, the work group discussed questions such as:
• What are the right questions to ask?
• How should the survey be conducted to get maximum value and leads to action?
• Why do survey results often seem at odds with the views of staff working within that relationship?

The work group also created an implementation guide that documents recommended survey practices on how to ask questions without bias, how to maximize participation, effective analysis and what pitfalls to avoid. The metrics are designed to go beyond simple averages that can hide the strength of feeling on particular issues.

“It’s exciting to be involved in developing and publishing these metrics. Not only do we have metrics and detailed descriptions showing how they relate to a survey but we also have an implementation guide which contains lots of valuable insights into running surveys,” said Keith Dorricott, Vendor Oversight Work Group facilitator and MCC Ambassador. “Using this toolkit could really help organizations use relationship surveys to understand the sponsor/vendor relationship better, to celebrate successes and to know where to dig to get to root causes of issues to improve. I think this toolkit really is one of a kind!”

The toolkit includes:

1. The detailed version of the 15 MCC Vendor Oversight Relationship Metrics

2. The White Paper, Are We Establishing and Maintaining a Healthy, Trusting Relationship with Effective Decisions and Communication?

3. The companion implementation guide, Implementation Guide to Designing, Administering and Using Surveys for Assessing Relationships between Sponsors and Vendors

4. An introductory recorded webinar about the metrics

MCC members can download the Relationship Assessment Metrics toolkit through the MCC member portal.

Click here to download the complimentary White Paper and recorded webinar, and to learn more about the Relationship Assessment Metrics toolkit and the Vendor Oversight Work Group.

For more information about MCC membership, please contact Terry Holland, MCC Membership Director.