MCC Teams Up with Halloran Consulting to Offer a New Membership Option for Small/Mid-sized Sponsors

Monday, December 21, 2015

MCC’s Linda Sullivan and Halloran Consulting’s Laurie Halloran and Dyana Boutwell hosted a Special Webinar for Small/Mid-sized Biopharma Sponsors Looking For Clinical Trial Oversight Solutions. During the session, they discussed clinical trial performance management solutions designed for small/mid-sized sponsors and the launch of the MCC’s Small/Mid-Sized Sponsor Community of Practice (CoP) Group. CLICK HERE to view the session.

New Enhanced MCC Membership Option Includes Special Monthly Newsletter

Organizations that don’t have time to attend the small sponsor CoP meetings or need additional support to implement metrics can opt to subscribe to the new enhanced membership program. This option allows organizations to join a special support group that receives a unique set of benefits in addition to the basic MCC membership: Halloran representation at MCC meetings and a monthly newsletter to keep you up-to-date on MCC work group discussions and deliverables. The MCC-Halloran Newsletter provides the insight and knowledge your organization needs to implement a set of actionable metrics designed for use in small companies. CLICK HERE for additional information.

Feedback Survey

MCC invites all small/mid-sized sponsors to complete a brief survey to let us know about: 1) your organization’s interest in participating in the Community of Practice Group and 2) topics you would like to see the group explore. CLICK HERE to take the MCC Small/Mid-size Sponsor Feedback Survey.

How to Join the Community of Practice Group

If your organization is not a member of the MCC, contact Teresa Holland ( for membership details.

MCC members can register for the CoP by adding it to your user profile. Please contact Customer Service ( if you need to assistance.