MCC Unveils New Metrics eLearning Program Aimed to Improve Metric Knowledge of Sponsors, Service Providers and Investigators

Friday, September 30, 2016

Metric Champion Consortium (MCC) has launched a series of one-hour eLearning courses to help clinical trial professionals build foundational metric knowledge — knowledge essential for using performance metrics effectively. MCC courses build proficiency in metric basics like: identifying which metrics best fit your organization, department or study team’s needs, applying metrics for effective tracking, and selecting the right charts to interpret and communicate metric results successfully. Role-based eLearning training scenarios embedded in each course allow learners to customize their experience by giving them the option to view Data Management, Study Oversight, Site Monitoring, and Investigator/Site Coordinator examples of key concepts described in the courses.

Additionally, MCC provides learners with a unique opportunity to work with a MCC advisor to reinforce their learning experience through the completion of a MCC Metric Master Certification Independent Project. Upon successful completion of the eLearning courses, learners can opt to complete an independent project to demonstrate an understanding of course concepts by applying them to a real situation.

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