MCC’s Ambassador Boot Camp Designed for Consultants Interested in Helping Organizations Use Metrics

Thursday, March 22, 2018

MCC’s Ambassadors are important assets to organizations looking for assistance in implementing effective metrics. The MCC Ambassador Boot Camp was specifically developed for consultants interested in performance metric projects and functional area specific projects consultation.

The MCC Ambassador Boot Camp consists of four steps:

Step One

Meet the following criteria:

  • Have 10-plus years experience in the Clinical Research Industry
  • Provide consulting services to Sponsor, Service Providers or Investigator Sites

Step Two

Successfully complete the MCC Ambassador Metric Boot Camp, a one-hour, on-demand eLearning course that will help you gain and demonstrate metric knowledge. Upon Completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the need for proper performance metrics
  • Measure what matters by aligning metrics with critical success factors
  • Design metrics that are effective
  • Develop complete metric definitions
  • Apply effective metrics effectively
  • Align performance metrics with organizational strategy

Step Three

After the successful completion of the MCC Ambassador Metric Boot Camp eLearning Course, please contact MCC Customer Service to receive and sign the MCC Ambassador Nondisclosure and Confidentiality Agreement. This agreement states you will not share detailed versions of MCC metric sets, tools and educational material with non-MCC members.

Upon MCC’s receipt of the signed agreement, you will be registered in the MCC Ambassador Network Searchable Database and have access to the MCC Member website.

Step Four

Agree to maintain MCC Ambassador status by completing an annual MCC refresher course along with an annual renewal. For any question about the MCC Ambassador Boot Camp Program, please contact MCC Customer Service.

The MCC Ambassador Network was created after several members asked MCC Co-Founder & President Linda Sullivan for metric implementation assistance. Organizations needed consultants with practical functional area expertise, and metric strategy and implementation knowledge.

Learn more about the MCC Ambassador consultant program.

Click here to purchase the MCC Ambassador Metric Boot Camp course.