MCC’s LinkedIn Communities: A New Place to Collaborate

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

MCC is excited to announce its LinkedIn Work Group communities that provide a forum to further interact and collaborate with colleagues. These communities are being established at the request of members interested in interacting with work group members. Members are encouraged to take advantage of their company’s MCC membership and join the LinkedIn communities that are relevant to their job and join in the discussions.

Created for each MCC work group, these communities offer members a place to:

• Find the latest news on work group activities
• Register and prepare for future meetings
• Collaborate on the development of work group deliverables
• Share articles of interest
• Ask questions
• Brainstorm with colleagues from across the industry

For more information about a MCC membership, please contact Terry Holland.

Members should be on the lookout for the new monthly work group newsletter that will be sent out to members the last week of each month. MCC Work Group News will contain information about each work group and links to register for monthly work group meetings.

MCC Members are invited to click on the following links of their interest or can contact customer service for more information on the group you are interested in joining.