MCC’s Study Quality Trailblazer Group Relaunched as QbD-RBQM-Quality Improvement Community of Practice Group

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

MCC’s Study Quality Trailblazer Group was started in 2016 as the first MCC Community of Practice Group (CoP). Since its inception, MCC members have shared ideas, challenges and lessons learned which led to the development of a suite of risk and quality management tools. The new name QbD – RBQM- Quality Improvement CoP better describes the scope of topics explored by this growing MCC virtual community. During the March 10 meeting, Ken Getz, Michael Wilkinson and Zak Smith from Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development joined the group to present the key findings and implications from their 2020 study on protocol design practices and their impact on clinical trial performance and efficiency. During the next QbD-RBQM-Quality CoP meeting, the group will explore opportunities to update MCC protocol metrics and quality tools to incorporate new benchmarks shared in the Tufts Center study.

The session is open to all MCC Members – contact MCC for registration details

Additional information about this MCC Community of Practice Group is available on the MCC website

Not a member? Contact Terry Holland, MCC Membership Director, to discuss membership options.