Metrics Champion Consortium (MCC) is the thought leader in providing metrics for the clinical trials industry offering qualitative and quantitative metrics, analysis, and industry insights you need to manage and conduct your clinical research operations. MCC welcomes all types of organizations to the consortium.


For additional information about MCC programs, please view the information videos, guides and webpages below:

MCC At-A-Glance [Video]

Member Welcome Guide- How To Get Started PDF

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Evolving Member Benefits

Your Value from a MCC Membership

Benefits for both Organizations and Employees:


  • Be “in the know” about latest metrics and trends
  • Know the best metrics to use
  • Know how to apply knowledge
  • Become a certified metrics expert


  • Know where you stand vs. the industry in operations
  • Know how suppliers or customers compare
  • Know what constitutes “best in industry” performance
  • Know how to achieve “best in industry” performance
  • Access to knowledge and advice
  • Become a “go to” person for measurement and performance


  • Access to webinars on state-of-the art techniques


  • Access to MCC Scoring Tools (Protocol Quality/Site Selection)

Alignment & Access:

  • Alignment with TransCelerate and AQC strategy and process dvmt
  • Access and discounted pricing
  • Sneak previews of results and beta testing opportunities

Personal Growth:

  • Gain visibility within your organization
  • Networking with experts and colleagues

Join MCC Today!

You and your colleagues can collaborate with nearly 80 MCC member companies and utilize MCC metrics and risk/quality tools on a daily basis to improve your company’s processes and performance in the industry. Contact us to learn more about benefits and pricing.


MCC membership is available for the following types of organizations:

  • Sponsors: Biopharmaceutical & medical device
  • CROs and other clinical trial service providers
  • Investigative Sites & Academic Research Organizations
  • Consultants

Contact Teresa Holland, Membership Director, or call 1-317-622-0266 to learn how your organization will benefit from joining today!