Metric Development Work Group Launching to Define Site Selection and Study Start-up Process Metrics

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

MCC is launching a metric development work group to define site selection and site study start-up process metrics. In 2018, MCC released the MCC Site Contracting Metric Toolkit v1.0 that includes detailed metric descriptions and Global Start-Up Comparison Models that group countries into five models according to the impact that local regulatory and ethical approval processes have on the site contracting process. This new MCC work group will build upon the foundation established in the site contracting toolkit and examine the overall process of site selection and start-up. Our goal is to collaboratively develop standardized metrics that can be used across industry to monitor, manage and improve the process. During the initial info gathering stage, we welcome participation of member and non-member stakeholders through an online survey. Specifically, the survey will gather input on high level processes, current process issues, and current metrics utilized to oversee and manage the processes. We will provide those who complete the survey with an executive summary recap of the results.

CLICK HERE to complete the survey by 25-Sep-2019.

The MCC work group will convene for an online meeting on 1-Oct-2019 at 10 am EDT. During the meeting, we review survey results and discuss the following aspects related to the process of site selection and study start-up:

  • What does the high-level process look like?
  • What are the process issues organizations are encountering?
  • What are the important questions that we want metrics to help us answer?

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For additional information about this new work group, please visit the Site Selection & Study Start-up work group page.