Metrics Champion Consortium (MCC) discusses Site Feasibility and Study Start-up Data and the MCC Risk Management Tool and Site KRIs

Monday, May 2, 2016

Boston, MA, May 2, 2016 – MCC is hosting a complimentary breakfast meeting series to discuss two critical industry topics in order for companies to make clinical trials more efficient and effective during the drug development process. The need for greater efficiencies in Site Feasibility and Study Start-up is increasing given the globalization of trials, technology, and the urgency to get a treatment approved faster. Risk management plays a vital role in planning a clinical trial program in today’s fast-paced environment. Companies need to anticipate and mitigate risks to ensure trials are conducted in a safe and ethical manner.

MCC’s Site Feasibility and Study Start-up discussion focuses on what data organizations seek to use to make decisions in the planning and start-up phases of conducting clinical research and explores options for addressing unmet data needs.

MCC Risk Management Tool and Site KRIs discussion covers risk identification and quantification using defined levels of probability, impact and detectability obtained from the newly released assets from the MCC Work Group. Methods of reducing high priority risks, documenting and managing actual risk mitigation actions, metrics for detecting priority risks and documenting issue management will be presented.

Distinguished industry speakers will lead the session discussions. Linda Sullivan, Co-founder and President of MCC, has been the motivating force behind MCC’s continued growth since 2006. Presenting with Linda at these breakfast meetings will be Ken Getz, Director, Sponsored Research Programs Tufts CSDD, Mary Jo Lamberti, Senior Research Fellow, Sponsored Research Programs Tufts CSDD, Barry Milton, Director, goBalto, Inc., and Keith Morgenstern, Director Metrics Programs, MCC.

The complimentary breakfast meetings are scheduled for Thursday, May 12th, in Princeton, NJ; Tuesday, May 17th in Durham, NC; and Wednesday, May 18th in Boston, MA. For more information and to register, please visit .

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