“Metrics Kaizen” – The New Approach for Site Contracts Metric Development

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The MCC Site Selection & Start-Up Work Group is trying an approach to develop and release new metrics at a much quicker pace. Dubbed “Metrics Kaizen” by lead facilitator Keith Dorricott, MCC Ambassador, the approach involves collaborating with industry experts to gather information up-front to lay a metrics framework for the formal Site Selection & Start-Up Work Group to expand upon.

“I call this Metrics Kaizen because it’s a more focused effort on metrics development with a very clear, time-based goal,” said Keith Dorricott. “Normally, we run monthly meetings but find that we spend quite a bit of time getting people up to speed if they miss a meeting. And work group members often can’t continue to be involved over a period of many months. The Metrics Kaizen approach should shorten the time, helping to maintain the same people within the work group and to minimize the time spent repeating previous information and decisions.”

The work group is using this approach as it moves its focus to the site contracting process. Facilitators are currently working with Subject Matter Experts (SME) to cover the site contracting process from the sponsor and CRO perspectives, and MCC’s Co-Founder & President Linda Sullivan is working with sites to gain their perspective. Additionally, they are using the MCC metric development model and taking the SME input to refine the questions, discussion and information needed at the formal work group meeting.

The next step will be to launch a survey to gain the perspective of MCC member organizations on the site contracting process that will allow the work group facilitators to create a plan to develop the standardized metrics.

“Our goal is to then have four work group meetings held over four weeks, with the same representatives at each meeting. By the last meeting, we should have developed defined metrics that are ready for consultation and final review,” said Keith Dorricott.

More information about the plan, needs and outputs will be discussed at the March 8, 2018 Site Selection & Start Up Work Group Meeting. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to give input for the survey questions. MCC members with an interest in and/or a knowledge of site contracting are encouraged to attend and can register on the Site Selection & Start-Up webpage after logging into the member portal.

For more information contact Keith Dorricott.

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