New MCC Central Lab “Next Generation Metric Toolkit” Includes Metric Selection and Implementation Tools

Friday, May 17, 2019

MCC is pleased to announce the introduction of “Next Generation Metric Toolkits” that include significant upgrades, metrics segmented by level (portfolio/study/site), metric selection tools and a metric reporting planning worksheet.

After undergoing an extensive review, the MCC Central Lab Metrics v3.0 toolkit is now available on the member portal. MCC plans to release additional enhanced metric toolkits over the next 6 months. Why are the updates important? These tools solve a major problem for organizations seeking to adopt MCC standardized metrics, namely how to select the right metrics for their program.

  • answer key performance questions (identified by consortium members)
  • manage common issues (identified by consortium members)
  • provide the basic measures all organization should adopt
  • can be reported based on availability of data elements

In addition to the metrics selection tools, a metric reporting planning worksheet has been developed that sponsors/vendors teams or internal teams can use to record which metrics are going to be used, who will report the metrics and how often metric results will be reviewed.

MCC members can download the updated Central Lab Performance Metrics v3.0 by logging into the member website and clicking on the Existing Metrics Sets tab.


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