NEW!! MCC Site Activation Milestone Metrics Toolkit v 1.0 Now Available in the Member Portal

Friday, August 20, 2021

The MCC Site Selection & Start-Up Process Metrics Work Group – comprised of more than 250 individuals representing over 60 organizations – worked collaboratively from October 2019 to May 2021 to develop the assets contained in the Site Activation Milestone Metrics Toolkit v1.0. MCC had received feedback that the existing MCC-defined metrics in the Clinical Trial Performance Metrics v1.3 needed review and update. Processes have continued to develop since the existing metrics were defined. In addition, MCC revised the approach to defining metrics – providing much more context for the implementation and use of each metric, and defining metrics at different levels, as well as using the MCC Metrics Development Framework to help ensure metrics have a clear, defined purpose. The MCC Site Selection & Start-Up Process Metrics Work Group was formed to review the existing metrics and define new ones, as needed. The Work Group aimed to develop standardized metrics to:

  • Facilitate comparison / benchmarking across industry
  • Monitor processes and identify process improvement opportunities
  • Provide objective evidence of impact of process improvement efforts
  • Ensure the use of a balanced set of metrics (i.e. measure more than just “time”)

Additional metrics toolkits will be developed and published in 2022 as the work group completes its review of the site selection and start-up process.

More about this metric toolkit and the metric development work group can be found by visiting the MCC Site Selection & Start-Up Metrics Work Group page. MCC members can access the toolkit by logging in to the member portal.

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