New MCC Vendor Oversight Community of Practice Group Launching on 07 April 2021

Thursday, March 18, 2021

MCC’s Vendor Oversight Metric Development work group will transition to a Community of Practice group in April 2021. MCC vendor oversight metric sets have been developed and members are ready to form a Community of Practice group. Community of Practice groups are a virtual community of MCC members that share a common interest or concern who meet on a regular basis to share ideas and practical approaches to address challenges. Meeting topics are determined by members of the Vendor Oversight Community of Practice.

The initial meeting will feature Linda Sullivan, Co-Founder and Executive Director, MCC and Keith Dorricott, MCC Ambassador leading a discussion on the use of metrics in vendor oversight. Topics to be discussed include:

  • The impact of metrics on behavior
  • Vendor oversight vs the process perspective
  • What metrics do and do not tell you
  • Advantages and challenges of standardizing metrics

The MCC Vendor Oversight Metric Development work group – comprised of more than 200 individuals from 56 companies – developed four metric toolkits between April 2017 – January 2020 which include detailed metric definitions, implementation guides, metric selection tools and demo videos in addition to an overview video.

  • MCC Vendor Oversight Finance Metric Toolkit 1.0 – a metric set focused on the financial oversight of CROs. Includes rate of incurring costs, accuracy of budget, cycle times for contracts and change orders, and investigator site payment timeliness.
  • MCC Vendor Oversight Quality Metric Toolkit 1.0 – a metric set focused on the quality oversight of CROs / vendors. Includes staff turnover, training, issue escalation, action completion, and includes metrics covering sub-contractor oversight.
  • MCC Vendor Oversight Timeliness Metric Toolkit 1.0 – a metric set focused on the timeliness of meeting milestones and SUSAR reporting across studies.
  • MCC Vendor Oversight Relationship Assessment Metric Toolkit 1.0 – a metric set for use when analyzing data from a relationship survey between sponsor and CRO or CRO and vendor. The toolkit includes detailed guidance on setting up, implementing and analyzing data from a survey.

The toolkits are available for members to download in the MCC member portal.

The session is open to all MCC Members – contact MCC for registration details.

For more information about the Community of Practice Group, please visit MCC website.

Not a member? Contact Terry Holland, MCC Membership Director, to discuss membership options.