New Paper! Measure the Right Things at the Right Time Series

Monday, May 4, 2020

MCC released the second paper in a new Measure the Right Things at the Right Time series. The paper Design Key Risk Indicators and Key Performance Indicators that Provide Timely Insights During Study Conduct outlines an approach to and rationale for the best way to normalize metrics used as leading indicators to provide early signals of risk, such as with Key Risk Indicators, as part of Risk-Based Quality Management in implementation of ICH E6 (R2). How you define your measurements can allow you to see trends and outliers earlier as well as reduce the number of false positives!  View the paper

The first paper in the series Using A Metric Maturity Model to Optimize Performance Measurement describes a 5-stage metric maturity model that align metrics with process maturity stages. Learn how your organization can realign your metric program to focus on measuring meaningful, high value metrics.  View the paper

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