New Tool to Link from Issues to Recommended Metrics: We Want Your Input

Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Site Contracting and Trial Master File metrics toolkits include a novel tool to help organizations select the right MCC metrics. There has been great feedback on the tool and we are developing it for other metric sets.

With the tool, you can select the issue(s) that you have with the process (or those you want to guard against) and the tool provides recommended metrics for you to consider implementing. When the metrics were developed, the work group – experts in site contracting from across the industry – provided their input into the typical issues they come across. From this, MCC mapped the most relevant metrics and developed the “Issues to Metrics” tool. It helps organizations select the right metrics to help them improve. We are focused on developing a similar tool for Cardiopulmonary (ABPM, ECG, Spirometry), Data Management & Biostatistics, eCOA, and Imaging.

Are you interested in seeing the typical issues others have in these areas? We would like your input on what the common issues are that you face. We can map these to the existing metrics. Where this feedback highlights metric gaps, we will look at developing additional metrics. You can access the surveys below.


The surveys close on April 10, 2019.

Interested in working with others in the industry on these metrics? If your organization is not already a member, contact MCC Membership Director Terry Holland for more information.