Site Contracting Draft Metrics Finalized and Ready for Public Review

Thursday, May 17, 2018

In record time, the MCC Site Selection & Start-Up Work Group finalized a draft set of 29 site contracting metrics during the successful Metric Kaizen event in April. Working closely with Bartek Jarosz, a Subject Matter Expert with many years of site contracting experience, 26 people representing 15 companies participated in four consecutive weekly meetings, led by work group facilitator and MCC Ambassador Keith Dorricott, to develop the metrics.

“By working with Bartek, we were able to develop first drafts for review at the meetings which helped focus those four meetings on key discussions and decisions,” said Keith. “The development of 29 new draft metrics in such a short time was a fantastic team effort.”

The metric set is now ready for MCC member and public review through the MCC Site Contracting Metrics survey that includes details of the 29 draft metrics. The work group will be looking for feedback pertaining to:

  • Value in the metric
  • If the metric is currently used
  • How easy it is to pull the data to calculate the metric

MCC members have access to the full detailed draft metrics and a webinar overview of the metrics, which are available for download from the MCC Site Selection & Start-Up Work Group page on the MCC member site. Non-MCC members are able to see the metric descriptions via a six-minute webinar available on the MCC Site Selection & Start-Up Work Group page on the public MCC site.

The survey will close on June 5, 2018 and an executive summary will be sent to everyone who completes the survey and provides an email address.

The work group will review feedback from the survey at its next meeting on June 12, 2018, with the goal of finalizing and publishing the metrics as part of an overall metrics toolkit for Site Contracting.

Please contact Keith Dorricott for more information.

Site Contracting Metrics Public Survey

Site Contracting Metrics Public Survey Webinar

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